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Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2019

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October 2019
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Factors Affecting Visitor Interest on a Website

Did you notice that your website views have been low recently? When you started, it was pretty good, and it was a lot easier to get people on your web pages. However, as the months passed, the numbers decreased, and you’re worried that it could affect sales. The truth is, it could. Views can determine whether or not you’re retaining customers, losing them, or gaining new ones.

Web DesignIf your popularity is waning even with weak competition and few rivals in your niche, there could be something wrong with one or more of these website aspects.


In the digital world, content makes the regime go round. Your content’s quality may have gone down over the past months, or you may not be pinpointing precisely what your readers are interested in. Explore your options regarding topics and trust your intuition. Sometimes, you’re missing what’s already in front of you.

Overall Design

Is your website easy to navigate? Are the fonts you’ve chosen readable for people who have blurry eyesight or can seniors relate with the terms on your web pages? Sometimes, the answers to these questions are what you need to revive traffic.

If your instinct tells you that your website’s design may be contributing to your loss in visitors, it is best to consult with Ready Set SEO web design experts. They will figure out what’s wrong or what your website is lacking so they can resolve the issue for you.

Ready Set SEO web design providers will transform your website into one that features high readability, a user-friendly interface that can work compatibly with other devices aside from computers, and an overall theme that is not annoying or too dull for the first-time visitor.


Are the keywords integrated on your web pages relevant enough to your niche? Has your website been coded to have a friendly relationship with search engines? If the answer to these questions is “No,” you need expert advice from SEO providers who can help revive your keyword strategies.

Ad Congestion

Are ads on your website congested and appear to have been thrown just anywhere around your web pages? Do the advertisements overthrow the purpose of your website or business? If the answer is “Yes,” it’s time to get a web development team to rearrange ads on your digital portal. This way, visitors will not feel like they’re being forced to view the ads or feel as if they are visiting an ad space provider. You can flag your pages with advertisements if this is your niche. If not, it’s time for a massive revamp.

The mentioned factors could affect the viewership of your website. You may already have an inkling about what bothers your consumers, but you haven’t got the chance to discuss it with experts. Now is the time to consult with professionals so you can fix the issues that are stopping people from coming back.