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Benefits of Novated Leasing

If you live in Australia and you own a car, you’re pretty much familiar with novated leasing. It’s a leasing program that’s increasing in popularity here in the land down under. It provides several quirky benefits that you will find exciting and relevant in today’s standards.


What is Novated Leasing?


Novated lease is a term that is used to refer to a vehicle lease which has been novated, or the obligations that you have over this particular lease have been transferred to another party, commonly the company that you belong. In turn, the company will be the one to pay for your monthly novated lease bills via salary packaging, where part of your salary will be deducted as compensation for your novated lease. If you are looking to calculate or make estimates to your novated lease, try using a Novated Lease Calculator Adelaide – VehicleSolutions.com.au.


Benefits of Novated Leasing


As said earlier, novated leasing provides many benefits to anyone who commits to it. Here are some of these benefits that you might find interesting:


Save On Taxes


Taking out a novated lease means a portion of your monthly (or quarterly) payments will come from your pre-taxed salary. Due to this, your taxable income will be reduced, and you could potentially end up with lesser tax to pay throughout the year. Moreover, a novated lease also includes your running costs, such as registration, fuel, and servicing.


Pay Less for Your New Car


Novated leasing is available to every car dealer and retailer on a nationwide scale. Some Australian-wide fleet offers some timely discounts. They also feature preferred dealer network, which means they can help you find a great offer on any car that you choose. As a bonus, you won’t have to pay for GST on the purchase price of your new vehicle. All of this translates to a much lower payment for your new car.


Includes Everything


Novated leasing features an all-inclusive budget, covering all of your finances and running costs with some funds set aside from your pre- and post-tax salary for each payroll. Moreover, money reimbursement is also easy if you’re running under the budget system provided by novated leasing. To get an accurate number on your novated lease, use a novated lease calculator Adelaide – VehicleSolutions.com.au.



Go for Novated Leasing Now!


Simply put, if you want to get your dream car at the best rate and offer possible, you have to go with novated leasing. It’s incredibly convenient and gives you many benefits to enjoy.